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1968 Transportation Plan for Memphis

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Revive 755:,-89.726715&spn=0.780275,1.234589&z=10

The parkways were apparently supposed to be expressway grade routes with parkland on one or both sides.

The map has Memphis developing a grid-like arterial system, with many of them apparently not being built.  In addition, several streets around Memphis seem to have changed names or were not correctly labeled on the map.

I find it interesting that two of today's currently under-construction routes (I-69, I-269) correspond directly with the 1968 plan in some form or another...

How does the Lamar Avenue proposal compare to today's planning for I-22?

Again, would like to see the raw maps for these posted somewhere.  Even if it's on Flickr/Photobucket/Picasa/etc etc.

The Lamar Ave proposal is effectively today's Lamar Ave, except that the interchanges at Winchester, Shelby, and Holmes never got built.  It really doesn't compare to I-22 planning.

Revive 755:
To at least prove I'm not making this up, I'll post this low quality digital photo of a section.  The green lines are railroads.

Did it occur to anyone that Googlemaps now labels I-269?!


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