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FL-883 decommisioned already?

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Does anybody know what's up with FL-883?  It looks like it has been decommisioned.  It's no longer in the GIS data (02-01-10).  The last time it was in the GIS data was back in November.  Anybody with info about this?

It can't be. District 3 stated, late last year, there were no plans to add or delete and roads on the SHS.

Well, it's gone completely from the most current GIS data.

I guess it has been deleted. It's not highlighted on the Federal Aid maps anymore.

From District 3, "This segment of roadway was given back to the city so it was taken off of the state road system.  We will still inventory it as 60050000 off-system, but it is no longer SR 883.  If you have any more questions, please let me know.  Thanks."


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