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Has FL 616 in Tampa been decommissioned?

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With the new Tampa International Airport interchange project just about wrapped up, I have noticed something confusing.  A series of signs directs motorists to Spruce Street, which is also known as FL 616, from the northbound Interstate 275 ramp coming from St. Petersburg.

However, on the FL 60 mainline FL 616 is not mentioned - instead, Spruce Street is also known as a Hillsborough County road and it is reflected on the overhead signage on the FL 60 west mainline approaching the airport.  However, on the FL 60 east mainline and the access road coming out of the airport Spruce Street is known as FL 616.

By the way, FL 616 is an extant section of FL 589 when it used to be part of Eisenhower Blvd. before the Veterans Expressway came in 1994.  FL 589 became FL Toll 589 and the section that consists of Spruce Street, Boy Scout Blvd and Columbus Drive all the way to Dale Mabry Hwy. is FL 616.

I wish I had some pictures to show you but I have been sidelined lately with a cold.

So, has the Florida DOT decommissioned FL 616 in Tampa and turned over maintenance of Spruce Street over to Hillsborough County, now that the TIA interchange project is just about done?

Hmm. I think I'm going to have to e-mail FDOT #7 about this.

FL-616 still is shown in the GIS data for this month (February).

The Federal Aid maps were updated on February 2nd and they still show SR 616 as being on the SHS.

And Kevin Dunn of FDOT confirms it's still SR 616.


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