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I-10 feeder roads in Lafayette?



--- Quote from: ---Plans for I-10 raise concern

Residents along the Interstate 10 corridor in Lafayette Parish are growing concerned about their property values as plans progress to build frontage roads along the interstate. More than 200 people attended a public hearing Wednesday night, where city-parish officials and engineers presented drafts of the I-10 plan. The plan includes both frontage roads and various types of land use, such as residential, commercial and industrial.

The current drafts call for two types of frontage roads along I-10, said Jerry Trumps of the engineering firm Neel-Schaffer. There would be one-way roads with X-style ramps from La. 93 to Interstate 49, then two-way roads from I-49 to Sawmill Road near the St. Martin Parish line.

Trumps said multiple road designs were considered, and engineers looked at travel demand, how many vehicles pass on the interstate during peak hours and other traffic studies. In addition to improving traffic flow, the roads could spur economic development along the corridor. "There has been a great deal of interest in improving the I-10 corridor," Hollier said. "This has been an effort to advance this work, to see if we can get it accomplished."

Although the roads are still in preliminary draft form, meaning no final decisions have been made, the plans concerned some residents,,+2009
--- End quote ---

This is my first time hearing of this.  Has anyone else out there heard about this or have any information about DOTD's plans in Lafayette?


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