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Potential 2023 Grand Forks, North Dakota Meet

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A.J. Bertin:
My time-off request from work has been approved, and my lodging for the trip has been booked.  Unless anything unforeseen happens that prevents me from going, I'll be there.  :D

It's official, the Grand Forks, ND meet will be held May 20, 2023.

We will meet at the Blue Moose in East Grand Forks, MN, at 11:00 am CDT for lunch, followed by the tour.

The Blue Moose:
507 2nd Street NW, East Grand Forks, MN 56721

I will post the tour route later.

--- Quote from: Brandon on August 23, 2022, 08:55:23 PM ---I'm thinking of holding a road meet in Grand Forks, North Dakota next year.  There's some sights to see up there, and it's a place where no one has held a meet yet.  Please choose possible dates in the poll above, up to four choices.

--- End quote ---

As mentioned in the FB event (comment to your post), I'm interested, but will not be attending as I need to channel money into a HAM radio station and a trip to the great white north (which will be a 3-week endeavor on its own.  Oh, shit! Did I just say that?!!

I'm planning on attending. I have spent very little time in that part of the state and have only a rudimentary knowledge of the Grand Forks metro area, so unfortunately for any who may be wondering I have little to offer in the way of additional activities or any additional dining suggestions.

My odds have increased from zero to not-zero since I canceled my other May travel plans. Still need to figure out schedule and budget.


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