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Red county routes

Started by Alps, August 21, 2010, 08:55:02 PM

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I've noticed that Alabama uses red shields for a few county routes.  I've tried to figure out if there's a pattern to it - do they lead to firehouses, are they dead-ends, and so far I can't come to any definite conclusion.  Anyone?


Where specifically did you see these?  I don't ever recall coming upon any during my Deep South years.  For that matter, the only location in Alabama where I saw a county route shield that was something other than the blue pentagon was in far southern Washington County where a couple routes were marked with white triangles instead.


In Cherokee County (and possibly others), black on white pentagons are used for driveways.  The gold-on-red pentagon was on US 278 EB in Cullman County, but I saw a few others as well (don't know where).  Co Rd 1168, a short dead-end a few miles west of I-65, if you're looking on Google Maps.


Cleburne County uses white on green for driveways and in Dekalb County the county shield is used and the words Dekalb County is taken out.

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