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GA Corridor A (I-575 to GA 400)

Started by Grzrd, September 23, 2010, 04:07:15 PM

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ARC's Sept. 30, 2009 Status Report indicates that there are current ongoing location studies being performed for the 23.3 mile section of Corridor A between GA 400 and I-575 (roughly between Canton and Cumming):

This section of Corridor A looks a lot like a critical part of the Northern Arc that went down in flames, so I was very surprised to see an ongoing location study.  Has there been much controversy along the Canton-Cumming corridor of communities about this project, or is it so early-stage that it hasn't really hit the radar yet?


Being that there are a lot of homes and businesses on the Ga. 20 corridor from I-85 to Ga. 400, there needs to be some type of limited-access connection to directly connect Canton, Cumming and Buford. Between Cumming and Canton, there's not that much business, but it is growing. So, something's going to have to be done to address these issues. The two lane portions of 20 are a mess!

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This is my biggest gripe about the lack of freeway options serving metro counties grouped in the north, or southside, etc.

All 28 metro counties have only one option: Drive to Atlanta to utilize I-285. It's insane that GDOT continues to do nothing for the 2 million+ people just within 3-4 northern counties.

Atlanta's wide 10-12 lane interstates don't even come close to meeting the needs of 28 counties with 6 million residents. Look at the extensive freeway networks in Houston and Dallas, and compare to Atlanta's one hub and spoke.

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