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Tenn: Old SR 156 at Ladds, TN

Started by Brian556, September 26, 2010, 08:50:44 PM

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Ladds is located near Nickajack Lake. This old alignment features and extremely narrow one lane underpass, and several original signs. The JCT I-24 sign has high intensity sheeting, which tells me this section was bypassed in the 70's or later. Does anyone know when it was bypassed?

The old alignmemt is Old Shellmound Rd, and Ladds Switch Rd from Old Shellmound Rd to the current alignment.,-85.543499&spn=0.008067,0.013754&z=16


is it a state-named I-24 shield?

High-intensity sheeting was first sold in 1971, and Tennessee dropped the state name in 1978, I believe.  So that can help narrow the dates down.
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It does not have a state name. The red part is completely faded away, the blue part is in very good shape.

Here's a streetview showing the back of it.,-85.543499&spn=0,0.013754&z=16&layer=c&cbll=35.013655,-85.543551&panoid=wGl-IWljco_h0irEivGFBQ&cbp=12,162.01,,0,5


too bad.  I do not know of any surviving state-named interstate shields in Tenn.

interestingly, I know of three state-named US shields, which was a standard that was dropped in 1961!  Four if you count a town-job sign that is only a couple years old that is clearly a carbon copy of an older standard.
live from sunny San Diego.

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