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Marked bike routes

Started by NE2, October 31, 2010, 08:37:34 PM

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I'm wondering what places in the Southeast have marked bike routes, either named or numbered (as opposed to the standard green 'bike route' sign or a special local sign without any route information). Some states, counties, and cities have posted networks of routes, usually on-road, as wayfinding for local or long-distance cyclists. I'm reminded of the early days of numbered highways in the US, where each state did its own thing, and there was no coordinated numbering or even coordinated connections at state lines (such as at the NY-PA line:

I know of the following:
*North Carolina: U.S. Bike Route 1, plus a number of long state routes, sequentially numbered:
*Georgia: a grid of long state routes, such as 95 in the east (mostly on US 17) and 10 in the south (west from Jekyll Island)
*Miami-Dade County FL: sequentially numbered (?) routes, mostly on off-road trails, using the standard state bike route marker, as well as Route M under the Metrorail
*Cary NC: two numbered routes (3 and 7) using a modified U.S. Bike Route shield, plus apparently some named routes with a plaque below the standard 'bike route' sign, in addition to US 1 and NC 2:
*Lakeland FL: Lake to Lake Bikeway with several legs, using a special shield:
*Osceola County FL: East Loop, a touring route signed in one direction in the area southeast of St. Cloud, using green 'bike route' signs with 'East Loop' below:
pre-1945 Florida route log

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Huntsville, AL has numbered bike routes that are signed throughout the city. 
Cody Goodman
Huntsville, AL, United States


Virginia:  US Bike 1 and US Bike 76 are well signed; Other locations of numbered bike routes that I know of are Culpeper County, City of Harrisonburg and City of Newport News


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