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--- Quote from: 1995hoo on November 21, 2022, 06:36:04 PM ---Adam Tuss on Channel 4 just reported that the eastbound I-66 HO/T lanes from Route 28 to the Beltway are to open tomorrow morning, though not necessarily in time for the morning commute.

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VDOT Commissioner Brich provides opening remarks to the #66ExpessLanes ribbon cutting ceremony today. The entire 22.5 miles of 66 Express Lanes provide direct connections at major interchanges along the I-66 corridor, including Rt 28, Rt 50, Rt 123 (Chain Bridge Rd) & I-495.— VDOT (@VaDOT) November 29, 2022
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So how does the tolling work, if I enter, is my price set or does it change?

^ Just like the rest of the HO/T system, itís set.

I-66 works similarly to the I-95/I-395 express lanes. It's "segment-based" tolling. When you pass your first gantry, your rate is set to the next "decision point" where you can exit back to the general-purpose lanes. You then see the rate to the next "decision point" and if you stay in the express lanes, it adds that to the previous amount. It shows up as a single transaction on your E-ZPass statement regardless of how many "segments" you use (I'm not sure how many there are).

So what construction is left, because there still is work going on, particularly at Route 28.

Also....on 66 east before Centreville, the overhead sign has Route 123, but it has the US Route symbol, not the state.  How does that happen?


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