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Does anybody know what the deal with WYO 213 is? It's marked in all route logs and on AA Roads as ending in Burns...which is great. But, I noticed the other day driving on WYO 216 and US-85 the following signage
From WYO 216 west bound

and US-85 northbound

Does anybody know what this is all about or what it could be? I might head over that way tomorrow and drive down Burns N Rd from Burns all the way to the US-85 junction to see what it's all about, but it's sort of strange and at least from the junctions seemed to be built up to state highway standards (whatever those are in Wyoming)

Maybe WY-213 used to go up to US-85, but it got decommissioned. IDK really.

I've looked at a few old maps of the state highway system at our local map library but there's no indication that this was ever the case. It's possible that it was recently extended as well (as the signs appear to be of relatively new manufacture) but it hasn't shown up on the SHS map and there's nothing about it on the WyDOT website

Could be a sign error. Best bet might be to email WyDOT and see if they can clarify it.

no, don't email WyDOT.  Those look like older-generation yellow and brown shields.  do we really want them taken down and made into DO NOT ENTER signs???


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