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Started by reidcc, March 26, 2015, 05:24:14 PM

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Can't remember how long ago I registered- but never realized I never got my confirmation.
During week I just tried logging in a number of times with passwords I MIGHT have used- but was futile.
I then remembered I never got confirmation.
I thought I registered as reidcc
[e-mail removed to prevent spam since it was the same as on the post]


Your account has already been approved back on March 2nd, and you've already logged in with it.

If you're having trouble logging in with it, please GO HERE to be able to reset your password. ;)


I guess I just give up.
I dunno how many tries it took me to register.
Not sure how I actually logged in to my acct here- as I do not seem to have any email from AARoads back on 3/2 when acct was set up.
I've tried the refresh password link 10 times in last few days-and have never received any mail.
I've checked both my yahoo and gmail accts as well just in case I registered with those.

I would have continued this in my past thread- however- I could not seem to find any reply button to continue that thread.


I just sent you an e-mail on this subject.

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