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Best Australian Bridge?

Started by Voyager, February 15, 2009, 04:41:43 AM

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I know most people will say the Sydney Harbour Bridge, just because, but what other ones do you like?

There was one that had gate in it's name, the west gate or something, that was a box girder bridge that had to have suspension cables added to it to make it stand up, I really like that bridge just because of it's unique design.

What ones are your favorites?
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I've never been in Australia, but from the pictures I've seen I like the Anzac bridge.


I like the Gateway Bridge in Melbourne, is it Melbourne?  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is so well liked now it's a cliché, the ANZAC Bridge in Sydney is pretty cool looking too.
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Yes! The Gateway Bridge in the one I think I was thinking of.
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The Anzac bridge is amazing..that pic captures the moment


I also like the Bolte Bridge and the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne.
Why can't we just connect everything and everbody

rawr apples

Yep, im quite partial to the ANZAC bridge. bolte bridge is nice also
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Personal fan of the Anzac, but Sydney Harbor always takes the cake :spin:
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