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Cape Town, South Africa

Started by Truvelo, February 19, 2009, 05:55:36 PM

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I suspect many of you are already aware of this but in the centre of Cape Town there's a large amount of ghost ramps and unfinished flyovers.  The good thing is there's enough evidence in the Google Maps view to be able to work out the intended finished layout. I doubt all of it will ever be completed but some newspaper articles from the area have suggested parts of it be constructed to reduce congestion.
Speed limits limit life


I had no idea...

They even added full striping to the northbound stub ramp. I don't get why light fixtures, signs, or striping are added to incomplete facilities. Wouldn't these be in the way of construction to complete the missing facilities? Surely that paint would need to be redone should the bridge be finished.


And on one section there's even striping visible in an area used as a parking lot.

Over here stubs aren't striped. There's no point since the surface is often replaced if the stubs are ever completed.
Speed limits limit life


It seems as the wanted to connect two highways so you can by-pass the crossings on the ground. But some buildings are standing in the way. I wonder if they were constructed before or after the they build those ramps.

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