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Welcome from the Denim Capital of the World!

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I am Bryce M, the world's greatest computer geek and also a road enthusiast! Currently, I am in my late teens and autistic. As you might've guessed, My parents are from the North (hence the I81 NY shield as my picture) and I am from the South. I just finished my trip to New York just a couple hours ago, ahead of schedule! Back in my hometown.
Hope to see everyone soon!

Welcome from your neighborly state to the south! (maybe southwest, depending on where in New York hehe)

A two-month-belated welcome!


--- Quote from: kphoger on April 01, 2021, 04:23:25 PM ---A two-month-belated welcome!

--- End quote ---
I have been busy, but it's been worth it!

Welcome Bryce, from a Wisconsin civil engineering student who's back in Illinois for Easter!


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