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Welcome from the Denim Capital of the World!

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Hello from Florida!


--- Quote from: snowc on April 01, 2021, 03:06:24 PM ---I am Bryce M, the world's greatest computer geek and also a road enthusiast! Currently, I am in my late teens and autistic. As you might've guessed, My parents are from the North (hence the I81 NY shield as my picture) and I am from the South. I just finished my trip to New York just a couple hours ago, ahead of schedule! Back in my hometown.
Hope to see everyone soon!

--- End quote ---
You're in the company of another computer geek/roadgeek. I have a decent collection although it's been on pause since early 2020. My favorites to collect are IBM PS/2s but they're a pain in the rear to get parts for and service.

Hello from Eastern Carolina

Hello from sunny So Cal


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