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Thought this would be useful for new members here, as they're mentioned outside of their respective thread a good amount of times.

Alanland: It does and does not exist at the same time. That's all I can say about it. And something about goats... Here's a better description:

--- Quote ---Alanland is what the Perkins Union renames itself after it secedes from the U.S. Law enforcement is accomplished through swarms of bees. BGSes are red, stoplights are as well. Walmart has to operate under the trade name "Pfangle" for legal reasons. Rattlesnakes are strictly required to register with county governments. The maximum speed limit is 52, the minimum 26, and the relative humidity 75%. The color gray is punishable by death. The official currency is the Numberwang. Alanland has pi houses of parliament, each of which are headed by an executive entitled "The Warbler". The chief executive is "The Grand Unified Alan of Alanland", whose official limousine gets ninety-three rods to the hogshead by statute. The capital is Quindaro and its chief export is Clearview.

(Source: Alanland Tourism and Armoire Standardization Department)
--- End quote ---

Hypotenuse: The longest side of a right triangle, and in this case, the other two sides of this right triangle are I-290 and I-90/I-94. The official description of it is "the I-90 missing link in Chicago".

I-366: An interstate highway upgrade of Virginia Route 28, and comes with an 85 mph speed limit.

Illinois: The least flat state in the nation.

Anything I'm missing?

EDIT: Removed usernames from definitions.

Isn't the m.t.r. f.a.q. still up somewhere?

More glossary terms:

2di: 2-digit Interstate, or an Interstate with a number less than 100 (also includes what are technically one-digit Interstates)
3di: 3-digit Interstate, or an Interstate with a number from 100-999
2du: 2-digit US Route, or a US Route with a number from 1-101
3du: 3-digit US Route, or a US Route with a number from 102-999
BGS: Big green sign, usually used over freeways and tollways
Rural expressway:  Divided limited-access highway, having 4 lanes or sometimes more, with grade-separated interchanges at major crossroads and grade crossings at minor crossroads.
Freeway:  A limited-access high-speed highway, free of roadway tolls.
Expressway: Can refer to a rural expressway, or can refer to any high-speed limited-access highway with grade-separated interchanges.
Carriageway: a corridor of pavement carrying traffic moving in one certain direction, usually separate from another such corridor moving in the opposite direction.  One stretch of divided highway will consist of two carriageways, or sometimes more.
DDI:  Diverging Diamond Interchange
SPUI:  Single-Point Urban Interchange
FHWA:  Can refer to the Federal Highway Administration or their official font, considered the classic font on roadway signage.
Clearview:  The new font that some roadway agencies have adopted; other agencies go back and forth on using it on roadway signage.

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Alanland: yes and no

US 89:

--- Quote from: Rothman on July 15, 2021, 11:06:29 AM ---Isn't the m.t.r. f.a.q. still up somewhere?

--- End quote ---


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