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Hello everyone!
I am new here and very happy to be a part of this interesting forum. I stumbled across this while trying to research some information for a trip I likely have coming up from the Northern Part of Vermont to the WV Panhandle towing a UHaul trailer to move some of my Mother-in-Laws "stuff". I did find a bit of info and will create a specific post here as well but I have already gone down other rabbit holes here with all of this info and anecdotes on here. I have always enjoyed reading maps and route planning and it is great to find a likeminded group of people. I look forward to the feedback on my upcoming trip planning and to contributing when I can.   

Welcome from northeastern Massachusetts!

You have an interesting handle for someone living in one of the least flat states in the Eastern US.  I gather you're not originally from Vermont?

(FWIW, neither am wife is the native Vermonter.)

I didn't think it would take long at all for someone to pick that up Froggie lol! I am by no means a Vermonter but do live here now. I am originally from RI and completely consider myself a proud Rhode Islander, if there is such a thing  :-P. The name came to me last night when signing up thinking about the fact I wanted to avoid terrain as much as possible on this journey.



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