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Has the flashing yellow left turn signal made it to your state?

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I'm down in NC at the moment and have been through a few intersections with these lights. It looks like it provides a similar traffic control pattern that "doghouse" style signals do, but for dedicated protected left turn lanes. I haven't seen any in NJ yet even thought they are apparently installed there somewhere, I guess I should look for the accident debris. Anyone else see these signals pop up in their neighborhood?

No, IDiOT does not use the flashing yellow arrow.  I wish they would.

hm insulators:
Haven't seen it in Arizona.

Michigan's had them for about five years now. MDOT's first install of the FYA was near the end of 2006 at Lansing and Canal roads near the State Secondary Complex, but Oakland and Macomb counties had started using them before that. They've been appearing as signals have undergone routine replacement.

In VA US 60 has a few in the area around Busch Gardens


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