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Max Rockatansky:
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Oregon Route 39 and California State Route 139 form a 166.9 mile corridor which connects US Route 97 in Klamath Falls, Oregon south to California State Route 36 in Susanville, California.  The combined corridor of Oregon Route 39 and California State Route 139 traverse remote regions such the lower Klamath Basin and Californian Cascade Range.  Oregon Route 39 is one of the original Oregon Route designations and overlaid atop what was the original southern terminus of Dalles-California Highway #4.  California State Route 139 was added to the State Highway System as Legislative Route Number 210 which was an adoption of a Federally built highway through Modoc National Forest in 1943.  Depicted in the blog cover is Susanville-Adin Highway as featured in the September/October 1956 California Highways & Public Works after it was rebuilt as part of Federal Aid Secondary Joint Highway District #14.  Susanville-Adin Highway would become the southern segment of California State Route 139 which is first seen on the 1961 Division of Highways Map.

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