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Author Topic: Cool map and website showing you the speed limits before the NMSL kicked in  (Read 4540 times)


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For the mid-Atlantic region, they were certainly slower in updating their laws to allow 65 mph because of the limited areas that it could be instituted, or they never did adopt their laws to allow for the first-permitted 65 mph zones.  I believe both Delaware and New Jersey didn't allow 65 mph until well after the full NMSL was repealed.

For the initial rollout of 65 MPH, I seem to recall that Delaware didn't even have any stretches of interstates that qualified for the higher limit.

I also remember the definition of "rural interstate" resulting in 55 remaining required in some areas where it didn't seem to make sense.

It also resulted in the creation of at least one Interstate to take advantage of the new speed law–I-335 in Kansas. Before that it was signed solely as the Kansas Turnpike. KTA only requested the 335 designation because otherwise it would have been the only stretch of road in their system not eligible for a speed limit increase.
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^^ Add I-88 (W) in Illinois and I-43 extension from Beloit to Milwaukee for getting an interstate number and raising the speed limit to 65 at that time.


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I also think it was the main reason Illinois requested the I-39 designation.


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