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Max Rockatansky:
I've been meaning to put something together for WA 20 over the North Cascade Highway for years but always seem to have my photos from 2015 on the back burner.  I finally got around to getting organized and put together something for the North Cascades Highway on Gribblenation:

Fun fact: Ted Bundy was at the opening ceremony for the North Cascades Highway in 1972 as part of Governor Evans's entourage. A debunked myth said that he was driving the governor's car, but it was actually a state trooper.

One thing I'll very much miss about living in Washington was the yearly trip over the North Cascades Highway, which I tried to do as soon as possible after the road is reopened for the season. The trip is best enjoyed with a stop in Winthrop at the little brewery/restaurant.

Love driving that highway, and it's been a few years.  And I should take the offspring.  A weekend in May, or after school gets out in June.

The Ghostbuster:
I wonder why WA 20 was spared the multi-state conversion from SR 20 to SR 200?


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