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Chain of Rocks Mississippi River Bridge Replacement

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Plutonic Panda:
A new bridge will be built to replace the New Chain of Rocks Bridge and public meetings will be held.

--- Quote ---ST. LOUIS IDOT will host an open house meeting Wednesday detailing the plan to replace the Chain of Rocks Bridge between north St. Louis and Madison County, Illinois.

The project calls for two new twin bridges to be built side by side replacing the current Chain of Rocks Bridge that was built in 1966. It is now approaching the end of its lifespan. IDOT said as the bridge has gotten older, more repairs have become necessary, and the roadway geometrics are now sub-standard. Traffic has also increased significantly from just under 20,000 vehicles per day in 1975 to over 51,000 vehicles per day.
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Will the replacement be called New New Chain of Rocks Bridge?  :bigass:

Plutonic Panda:

--- Quote from: LilianaUwU on May 04, 2022, 06:08:16 PM ---Will the replacement be called New New Chain of Rocks Bridge?  :bigass:

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The Slightly Newer New Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Chain of Rocks Bridge '26


--- Quote from: Rothman on May 04, 2022, 06:36:36 PM ---Chain of Rocks Bridge '26

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