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What’s the most insane roadway concurrency in the country?

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While the most is definitely I-465; I-39/90/94, I-25/US-87, and I-41/US-41 also deserve mentions.

There's that mess in Folkston, GA, too...

The George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side carries I-95, US 1, US 9, and US 46. There’s also I-84, US 6, US 7, and US 202 in Danbury, Connecticut.


--- Quote from: Rothman on June 17, 2022, 07:16:46 AM ---There's that mess in Folkston, GA, too...

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For those who haven't been to Folkston, here's an example:

Taken back in 2004, but I think it all remains.  Maybe it should get bonus points for having a Georgia 23 and US 23 sharing the road.  I guess it's just that all roads in the area lead to the Quick Chic (as they should).

US 89:

--- Quote from: 1 on June 17, 2022, 05:56:34 AM ---While it's well established that I-465 has the most

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Not quite. I-465 maxes out between exits 46 and 47 with eight (I-465, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 52, US 421, SR 37, and SR 67). The Athens Perimeter in Georgia between exits 4 and 8 also has that many (SR 10 Loop, US 29, US 78, US 129, US 441, SR 8, SR 15, and SR 422).

Once I-69 is complete in Indiana, presumably 465 will take the undisputed top spot. Weirdly, although I-74 and US 421 are concurrent with each other on either side of Indianapolis, they apparently go opposite directions on 465.

Georgia is insane partly because like most southern states, their US highways all are concurrent with a state route, and unlike other southern states, that state route is usually signed. That one in Folkston probably wins for most signed concurrent routes.


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