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Hierarchy of highways in your county

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Rank your countyís highways based on importance their importance to the county.

For Dane County WI:

T1. I-39 and I-90 (concurrent for entire length in county)
3. I-94
4. US-12
5. US-151
6. US-18
7. US-14
8. WI-30
9. US-51
10. WI-19
11. WI-113
12. WI-78
13. WI-73
14. WI-69
15. WI-138
16. WI-92
17. WI-106
18. WI-89
19. WI-188
20. WI-104

Max Rockatansky:
Fresno County

-  CA 99
-  CA 41
-  CA 180
-  CA 168
-  I-5
-  CA 33
-  CA 198
-  CA 43
-  CA 145
-  CA 269
-  CA 63
-  CA 201
-  CA 245

For Lake County, IN, I included a few unnumbered routes that are actually more important than some of the numbered routes

Tier I: Major freeways
1) I-80/94
2) I-65

Tier II: Just slightly less major because tolled
3) I-90/Indiana Toll Road

Tier III: Minor freeways & Major arterials:
4) US 30
5) US 41
6) IN 912

Tier IV: important arterials
7) US 20
8) US 12
9) IN 53
10) US 231

Tier V: major local roads & minor arterials:
11) IN 152 (connects the US 41 and US 12/20 segments of Indianapolis Blvd)
12) US 6/Bus US 6/Ridge Road (main thoroughfare in Munster/Highland/Lake Station)
13) Calumet Ave (unnumbered section between I-80/94 and US 30, main thoroughfare in Munster/Dyer)
14) IN 2
15) IN 55
16) 45th St/45th Ave

Tier VI: locally important routes
17) IN 51
18) IN 312
19) IN 130

Hennepin County, MN

1. (tie) I-94 and I-35W
MN 62
MN 100
US 169
US 212
MN 610
US 12 (outside of 494)
MN 77
MN 55
MN 5
I-694 (virtually all of the Hennepin County portion is duplexed with I-94)
MN 101 (just being a freeway isnít always that important)
MN 47/65 (the designations matter less than their street names)

Dead Last: MN 121

Fairfax County, Virginia:

1. I-495 (the Capital Beltway)
2. I-95/I-395
3. I-66

This is where it then gets a little tougher. Tysons Corner has become Fairfax County's "downtown" and almost a small city unto itself, so I decided to consider the major routes that serve it to be the next on the importance list. I put VA-7 higher on the list simply because on the whole it seems like a more important commuter road than VA-123 does. I put VA-123 higher than VA-267 because 123 runs all the way across Fairfax County from south to north.
4. VA-7
5. VA-123
6. VA-267 (the Dulles Toll Road; not counting the Airport Access Road)

Then the Fairfax County Parkway is the only significant route that connects the county's northwestern end to its southeastern end; before it was constructed, you had to go in to the Beltway or use a bunch of connecting routes:
7. VA-286
8. VA-289 (stub route that serves the important role of connecting to the Springfield transit hub)

The next two routes overlap through the City of Fairfax, which isn't part of Fairfax County. It was a bit of a tossup which to list first; I listed US-50 first because I think the part inside the Beltway is more important as a commuter route.
9. US-50
10. US-29

The next ones are low as they are because they serve the extreme ends of the county, whereas the ones above serve more of a range of locations; also, south of the Beltway the GW Parkway and VA-235 serve as an alternate to US-1.
11. US-1
12. George Washington Memorial Parkway
13. VA-235 (connects to the GW Parkway)
14. VA-28

I don't think all the secondary routes merit mention, but the next one is a significant exception, as the part west of I-95 is a very significant arterial. At one point, VDOT explored seeking federal funding to improve it.
15. Secondary Route 644

The next two are critical east-west routes.
16. Secondary Route 620
17. VA-236

The next one is more important in Arlington than it is in Fairfax County.
18. VA-244

The next three are relatively significant connectors between parts of the county that can be more direct than the Interstate.
19. Secondary Route 617 (Backlick Road; connects Springfield and Annandale)
20. Secondary Route 650 (Gallows Road; connects Annandale and Tysons Corner)
21. Secondary Route 638 (connects Route 620 and Route 644 and is the last such connection before the Beltway cuts off most direct routes)

This last one is the most significant route serving the Clifton area, the far southwestern part of the county.
22. Secondary Route 645.


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