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Tropical cyclone tracking thread

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Subtropical Storm Ana is likely the highlight of the 2015 Atlantic basin season!  :-D


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on May 07, 2015, 11:43:38 AM ---Too early to worry about tropical cyclones yet! It's tornado season!

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It never is too early! I've been tracking tropical cyclones all year round. The Southern hemisphere cyclone season ended a week ago. I enjoyed tracking Cyclone Eunice across Southern Indian ocean in late January even if it stayed out to sea, it became a Category 5 storm with up to 150 mph winds (measured to 10 minutes, as opposed to 1 minute winds both NHC and JTWC use, so I adjusted the Saffir-Simpson scale for my own purposes).

--- Quote from: Alex on May 08, 2015, 09:02:55 AM ---Subtropical Storm Ana is likely the highlight of the 2015 Atlantic basin season!  :-D

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Not fully tropical, not interesting to me. I'll stay with Typhoon Noul for now. I prefer a Category 5 typhoon over open Pacific to a tropical storm treatening the US. An advantage of living far away from where tropical cyclones form :sombrero:.

PS: Last year by late October a Hurricane Ana happened :bigass:. It was in the Central Pacific (which I group with the Eastern Pacific like Wikipedia does), though.

I'm gonna like this thread  :biggrin: Weather nerds unite!

Even so, tomorrow is going to be a pretty significant weather day for central Oklahoma. Don't be surprised if we get an EF4 or higher. If you're a weather geek, it will be worth watching.

Ana has become fully tropical and now I recognize it. However, when there's also a Category 4 typhoon with a North Korean name somewhere else...


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