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AB-216/Anthony Henday Drive


Stephane Dumas:
I spotted this info from the mailing list canroads posted by a guy nicknamed "o773r" they got the ball rolling to replace some intersections on AB-216/Anthony Heyday Drive and one gap north of Edmonton is under construction.

--- Quote ----AB 216 (Anthony Henday Drive) construction (all projects to be complete by Fall

Recently approved, construction to start later this summer:

-Rabbit Hill Road interchange (Parclo A4)
-Cameron Heights Drive/184 Street interchange (modified diamond with one loop
ramp on SE quadrant)

Already under construction:

-Lessard Road interchange (Parclo A4)
-Callingwood Road/62 Ave interchange (modified diamond with SE loop ramp)


-Six-laning of mainline lanes from Whitemud Drive to Yellowhead Trail.
-87 Ave interchange (changing ramps to a basketweave format to accommodate Stony
Plain Road interchange)
-100 Ave/Stony Plain Road interchange (2-level, 6 structure systems interchange)
-109/111 Ave RIRO improvements (grade seperated exit/entry points to match 110
km/hr design speed)


-Yellowhead Trail West interchange (2.5-level, 10 structure systems interchange)
-New 21 km 4-6 lane mainline freeway from Yellowhead Trail to Manning Drive
-184 Street/Ray Gibbon Drive interchange (Parclo A4)
-137 Ave flyover (grading to be done for a future modified diamond interchange)
-170 Street flyover
-St. Albert Trail/Mark Messier Trail interchange (Parclo A4)
-Campbell Road interchange (diamond)
-142 Street flyover
-127 Street interchange (Parclo A4)
-112 Street flyover
-AB 28/97 Street interchange, including a flyover @ AB 28 and 195 Ave (97 Street
interchange is a Parclo A4)
-82 Street flyover
-66 Street interchange (Parclo B4)
-50 Street flyover
-AB 15/Manning Drive interchange (2.5-level, 7 structure systems interchnage)


--- End quote ---


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