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traversable roads in northern Quebec

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what are some roads (hopefully paved) that head as far north in Quebec as possible?  I'm planning a labor day trip to lands far enough north to be able to catch some northern lights!

I see route 167 on the map; what kind of road is that?  Also, any that go further north?

Seems to me that the Trans-Labrador Highway might be your best bet. QC-138 out of Québec City, then north on QC-389, which will take you to Labrador City. Google's not showing much else in the area without zooming in, and OpenStreetMap's not displaying the tiles, argh.

I see a 109 further to the west that is also a possibility.

that may be the way to go because the arc that the optimal northern lights path follows dips southwest, so therefore I can afford to go less far north and get a similar view if I follow a more western north-south road.

109 turns into the Route de la Baie James, which splits and the western branch goes to essentially the Nunavut territorial line (!).  Now that may be an adventure worth considering!


I think the decision is made!  :sombrero:

any geography geek here know exactly where the Quebec/Nunavut line is around St. James Bay? 

I've heard anything from "50 meters out" (Wikipedia) to on the mainland western shores (Google Maps) to the exact water's edge.  So, how well do I have to swim to be able to clinch Nunavut?  :sombrero:


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