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Chains Defunct in One Region Only to be Alive and Well in Others

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Harris Teeter sold its Atlanta locations to Kroger about a decade before Kroger ended up acquiring Harris Teeter itself

Winn-Dixie once extended as far north as Virginia as recently as 2004.

Richmond had a few Safeway locations until the early 1990s. At least one became a Food Lion.

I know there was at least one Agip station in the area in the 90s. There donít seem to be any in the US now.

Whataburger opened and then closed in Central Florida leaving none in the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets. However elsewhere theyíve been are still alive.

Jacksonville and Tallahassee as well as Pensacola still have them and of course Texas.  Georgia has one that I know thatís in Thomasville.

Chesapeake Seafood House was a small chain in Northern VA with two in the Delaware Valley of PA.  One outside of Oxford Valley Mall in Bucks County and the other in NE Philly on US 1. All but one location remained as a whole. The Potomac Mills store was the only to survive them all.


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Richmond had a few Safeway locations until the early 1990s. At least one became a Food Lion.


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That was broader than just Richmond. They pulled out of "central Virginia" overall, including Charlottesville (which had several Safeways); I recall one of my college roommates was quite dismayed about it because he was loyal to Safeway as the chain he patronized at home in Connecticut. I distinctly remember his odd statement that he found it hard to "develop a shopping strategy" at the other Charlottesville-area grocery stores.

Shakey's Pizza is mainly forgotten in California due to current residents in the state. However Shakey's pizza is known for being inside of malls in the Philippines.


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