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Garaging your vehicle

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Your mother?  She's the one fighting you on this?

In-garage fires?  They're so infrequent I wouldn't consider windows or trunks major factors.

I'd worry more about a trunk light or warning light running down the battery or insects/animals getting in the car through the window or trunk.

When I had a garage, I'd leave the windows and trunk closed.  Still lived to tell the tale.

And yes, people who fill up their garage with junk and do not put their car(s) in it befuddle/concern me.  In my experience, the junk just sits there.

Car fires are quite rare, even less so if they're not running. (The external combustion engine proved to have poor reliability and low dependability scores; thus, largely relegated to action movies and civil unrest.) It also depends on the age, upkeep, and overall condition of the vehicle. Eventually, there may be a few more car fires in more homes as electric cars become increasingly common.

We keep our cars garaged but at least one of them will wind up outside when one of kids has a car. And I keep it in a parking garage when possible.

Dirt Roads:
I've had several friends over the years that endured car fires.  One was in a garage that burned down.  But I would be more worried about modern hybrids and electric vehicles that have "high-voltage" lithium batteries that are prone to fires.

If you have a modern home, there should be a fire separation between the garage and the house.  Here in Orange County, North Carolina, our county required a firewall that runs all the way up to the roofline and a higher fire-rated door between the garage and the house (this all might have been required because of the type of double-door that we needed).

We live out in the woods, so it is nice to get the car into the garage before a big storm hits so that the car doesn't get damaged.  I had one incident years ago where I had an SUV and a pickup (which is now my clunker) sitting side-by-side and a big tree came down on both.  Amazingly, it only took out the window on SUV hatchback, but I don't park my cars side-by-side over there anymore.  Moral of the story:  If you CAN'T get the car in the garage when you need to, it stays outside and gets washed away in the storm.  Or blown away.  Or hit be a tree.

Most of mine are outside, only because I have room in the garage for 1 vehicle.  It's not a 2 car garage, so the WRX lives there to preserve the paint and interior as well prevent birds from nesting in the hood scoop.  Stupid birds...

I've never heard of the car fire tale.  Keeping the car closed and locked might be a deterrent to theft if someone were to get into the garage.

I almost always keep windows open and the rear lid raised on my vehicle when it's in the garage.  I even make a point of opening one or more windows in winter.  Not only for ventilation and access (and I make sure the rear light switch is off), but because I get a perverse pleasure in knowing it's still protected from inclement weather.  It's one of my weird routines/habits.


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