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School bus light colours in your jurisdiction

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It has recently come to my attention that Ontario school buses have now shifted from a red-only lighting system to a yellow-red lighting system as outlined by this tweet.

Schools busses now have RED and AMBER lights. 🔴🟠🚍🟠🔴
🟠Flashing Amber🟠 - Bus is preparing to stop and drivers should slow down and prepare to stop.
🔴Flashing Red🔴and Stop Arm out - Bus is loading students and drivers approaching must stop.— OPP Highway Safety Division (@OPP_HSD) September 5, 2022
--- End quote ---

Which system does your jurisdiction use?

US 89:
It is my understanding that the yellow-red system is used all across the US? I can't recall ever seeing anything else.

The school buses I rode on in 1996, which is the furthest back I can remember being able to notice such things, had yellow and red lights.

The same as a regular bus (i.e. none beyond the standard vehicular ones), since here in Spain regular buses are used as school buses. There are even some lines that function as both regular and school routes at the same time.

Big John:
Wisconsin became the last state to adopt the yellow/red system a couple years ago.  It used to be red only.


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