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New Brunswick 555: W End?


After NB95 was twinned in 2007, what happened to NB555?
Does it still connect to 95 at the west end with eastbound access only, similar to Vivglenn Rd further east?
Or is it something, uhh... different?

I hear tell it's been truncated to NB540.

I would be the source of that information, having been through there and noticed the new end.  Signage was removed west of 540 and the road narrows/degrades slightly in quality.  I did not explore old 555 to see if it does dead-end at NB 95 like mapping suggests.

Did I interpret you correctly in thinking there's an END! sign? According to JPK, those are... never? Rarely?, used. Indeed I've never seen one in copious GMSVing around NB.

I believe there was indeed an end sign there, because I originally planned on following 555 west from there, and remember thinking "oh, it ends here."


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