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--- Quote from: NE2 on January 25, 2013, 05:24:34 PM ---But that wouldn't include overlaps with lower-numbered routes, would it? (Not that there's much of that on US 60.)

--- End quote ---

You'd be surprised. It enters with US 51, then overlaps US 45 in Paducah, US 41A in Henderson, US 31W and US 31E from Fort Knox to east of downtown Louisville, US 42 in Louisville, US 27 and US 25 in Lexington and US 23 in Ashland. The 31W overlap is probably around 30 miles or so.

Went thru yesterday and the six lane project is moving along between MM28 and MM32 on I-64. Leaves one project to go to close the Waddy gap as I like to call it between the six lane projects on I-64.

How long has Kentucky been using the Flashing Yellow Arrow? I noticed quite a few installations of it along US 231/Scottsville Rd in Bowling Green. There was also a three-section FYA along US 31W northbound at the new South Warren Middle School. If I find the answer among the many pages of the FYA thread, I will update this post.

EDIT: According to HB, they started popping up in Frankfort around 2010ish.

There is one at KY 17 and Hands Pike in between Covington and Independence that has been around for at least three years.


There are so many things wrong in this story that I don't have time to list them all. Suffice it to say that the Lexington Birdcage Liner just uses the story as another excuse to do a hatchet job on Ernie Fletcher and Bill Nighbert, with a few jabs at Hal Rogers thrown in for good measure.


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