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Ontario roads videos recently uploaded to YouTube...

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I uploaded some Ontario roads videos on my YouTube account, filmed last Sunday on a drive back to Upstate New York from Michigan.  These have not been edited in a Dashboard Cinema or Short Attention Span Film Festival style yet, but they may be at a later date.  So enjoy roads videos, unfiltered...

Highbury Avenue - London

QEW - Stoney Creek

King's Highway 406 - St. Catharines

King's Highway 58 - Thorold/St. Catharines

King's Highway 58 - Welland Canal tunnel

King's Highway 420 - Niagara Falls

Niagara Regional Route 420 - Niagara Falls

I had meant to just give a hyperlink, not a full screen capture, but I guess that is what YouTube has done.

Wow dougtone, those are amazing!  :)

lol you filmed part of London's only highway stub!   :-D

I've been to London via Hwy 402.  Don't believe I traveled on Highbury Ave., unless it's part of 402.  Thanks for sharing these videos. :coffee:


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