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I-490/I-390/NY 390/NY 31 interchange

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Does anyone know what's going on here?

I thought I remembered that some new ramps to NY-31 were going to be built, but I couldn't find any online plans.

No idea, I actually went through there the other day and didn't see any work being done.

If I remember correctly - and the NYS DOT site I think is where I got this from - they are building a direct ramp from NY 390 NB to NY 31, by building an overpass over the I-490 WB ramp to NY 390 NB.  That ramp will end aligned with the NY 31/Lee Rd intersection.  The I-490 WB ramp to NY 31 will branch off before the new overpass to merge with the new ramp from the right.  This will eliminate the current I-490 WB/NY 390 NB/NY 31 weave.  They are also reconstructing and I believe widening and lengthening the NY 31 bridge over NY 390.

I don't remember what else is occurring, but I think there will be more modifications to NY 390 SB.

The project also includes replacement of the NY 390 bridges over Trolley Boulevard.  The bridge replacements are what's being done now.

All I know is that NYSDOT has and will be pumping money into that interchange for years.


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