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Since the chat room within the AARoads forum was removed during the technical difficulties that the forum faced about a month ago, I was wondering if anyone was interested in setting up an AARoads forum chat room on an IRC network for trivia contests and general banter.

The chat was taken down due to lack of interest, so if you could get more interest on it, the admins could bring it back.

I concur with un1 here.  The only thing the forum's chat room was used for was trivia nights - despite Dan's attempts to get chats going on other days - some successful, but mostly not.  Even trivia was falling by the wayside prior to the reload.  It would be a good idea otherwise.

Yeah, I'm down for it, no doubt!

In my opinion, the trivia nights were held way too often.  I'm suggesting that if a chat room returns, it would not be on AARoads' servers, but instead somewhere else (such as IRC).  As for Dan inviting people to chat, I see that he hasn't invited people to even do the AIM chats lately


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