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--- Quote from: deathtopumpkins on July 29, 2021, 09:24:05 AM ---
--- Quote from: Mergingtraffic on July 27, 2021, 04:06:17 PM ---MA, I only know of US-5 in West Springfield.

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US 6 in Westport:

There are also a few random streets around Brookline and Newton that are concrete, including part of MA 16:

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MA-133 in Lowell as well, from MA-38/110 to the Tewksbury border.

Portions of the I-84/I-291/I-384 C/D system in Manchester are also still concrete.

NJ still has some.

287 does north of Exit 47 (the part finished in 1993 that had that special grooved concrete that had so many noise complaints that they ground it down IIRC)
440 still does in the Woodbridge/Perth Amboy area but it's steadily disappearing as the concrete is in bad condition and it's being replaced by asphalt overlay as sections of the road are repaired and rebuilt.
676 through Camden (lots of it is a viaduct too)
Parts of the North-South Freeway (42) still are

That's about all I could find. Most of the more known concrete sections (295 for most of its length, 78 east of 24, 280 in Newark and the Oranges) have been rebuilt and resurfaced with asphalt over the past 20 years or so.

PA is actually adding concrete sections in the Philly area when doing major highway reconstruction (I-476, US 202, US 422, I-95).  The strange one is the section on the PA Turnpike in the middle of nowhere west of Carlisle.

Old Dominionite:

--- Quote from: shadyjay on July 27, 2021, 07:12:11 PM ---I-691 in Southington... did they repave that yet?

I remember the New England Thruway used to have the smoothest concrete surface I've ever driven on... though it didn't look smooth with all the patches, but it was the most pleasant road to drive on, surface-wize.

I also remember when many roads in CT still had concrete pavement, like all of Route 9 from Old Saybrook to Cromwell.  In their later years before paving, they were rough, and all the cracks were filled in with asphalt and it wasn't a smooth ride.  It was paved I want to say around 1990-1991.

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This brings back (literally) jarring memories of I-91 north of Hartford before it was widened.


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