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Trip from Northern VT to WV Panhandle w/ trailer

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--- Quote from: froggie on September 02, 2021, 09:19:14 PM ---Coincidentally, I was just on I-88 this afternoon while returning to Vermont.

I-88 is certainly an option to cut over to I-81.  It does carry less traffic than 84 or 78.  There are a couple disadvantages, however.  The pavement on much of 88 is lousy, especially from ~Otego to ~Cobleskill....I ran into 3 single-lane construction zones on this stretch that are beginning to address it, but it's going to take more than just this year to finish.  I-88 and I-81 are also much hillier than taking a route closer to NYC.  That will slow things down, and also causes problems with the trucks on I-81 which lacks truck climbing lanes outside of the I-80 to I-84 segment.
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The hilliest part of I-81 is (from south to north) from I-78 (Exit 89) near Lebanon, Pennsylvania to PA-171 (Exit 230) near Great Bend, Pennsylvania.  Pavement varies from good to terrible along all of I-81 in Pennsylvania. 

Not all of I-81 in this part of Pennsylvania has steep grades, but the longest and steepest grades on I-81 can be found in this section of the corridor.

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Much appreciated cpzilliacus!

Just to make sure I am thinking along the same lines that you mean... Are you implying that I would be mostly going downhill traveling north to south or would I still have to deal with significant climbs? I have driven I-81 once from Harrisburg to Binghamton but clearly I wasn't concerned with topography on that trip since nothing was remarkable to me, that I recall anyway.

I had hoped that this I-88 to I-81 would be a good way to avoid tractor trailer traffic at least but maybe since I will be be towing as well the I-78 route might prove best. All good food for thought and no decision has to be made immediately at least.


--- Quote from: FlatlanderinVT on September 02, 2021, 09:11:08 PM ---Hello everyone!
I am brand new here and joined as a result of stumbling onto this forum researching a trip I will likely be doing within a month to 6 weeks from Northern Vermont to somewhere in the WV panhandle area more or less. My Mother-in-Law is in the process of looking for a place in WV and we have committed to renting a U-Haul trailer and moving some of her "stuff" down there for her from storage up north from us.

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We took multiple trips between Southwest Virginia and Vermont while our son was attending the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier. We took a variety of routes between Harrisburg and Vermont. The one we used several times as the most direct used U.S. 7 from Burlington (or somewhere along the way, if we cut cross-country from Montpelier to sightsee) to Rutland. From there, take U.S. 4 west to Fort Ann, NY, to pick up NY 149 west to I-87. Take I-87 south to Albany and the connection to the NY State Thruway/I-87. At Newburgh, pick up I-84 west into Pennsylvania and I-81 at Scranton. I-81 south will take you across I-80 and on to Harrisburg. You have several choices depending on timing, travel time, and what you might want to see or do. You could take I-80 west to I-79, then take that south to Pittsburgh and pick up I-70 at Washington. You could also jump off I-79 at I-376/U.S. 22/U.S. 30 west and continue on U.S. 22 west to Weirton. You could continue through Harrisburg and pick up the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Carlisle to go west toward Pittsburgh to pick up I-70 at Breezewood and continue on the Turnpike to New Stanton and I-70 west from there to Wheeling.

Bruce in Blacksburg

West Virginia has two panhandles: Northern (Wheeling/Weirton) and Eastern (Martinsburg/Charles Town). Which one are you going to?

This thread should be moved to Road Trips (nothing against the new OP).


--- Quote from: Bitmapped on September 03, 2021, 10:22:42 AM ---West Virginia has two panhandles: Northern (Wheeling/Weirton) and Eastern (Martinsburg/Charles Town). Which one are you going to?

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He mentioned Martinsburg, so presumably the eastern one.


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