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Button copy within roughly 50 miles of Pittsburgh?

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Iíve been spending some of my pastime trying to find button copy around pittsburgh these last couple months after discovering on the Birmingham bridge that yes, it is still around here. However at this point Iíve been to a bunch of spots and I feel like Iím starting to run out of new spots to visit so can I get some help to go see it?

Major locations for button copy Iíve been to include:
Locations up PA-28ís interchanges beyond the PA turnpike and under the highland park bridge
I-376 East below Rochester
Birmingham Bridge
Boulevard of the Allies
I-376 Eastbound entrance 77
US-22 approaching the eastern terminus of I-376
I-376 Exits 42 and 45 westbound
River Avenue in North Shore
Haymaker Rd in Monroeville

Iím really not sure where else to look but Iím 150% sure there is more out there. Does anybody know of any more in this area that I can go visit? My dadís said before that heís seen some in the Oakland/South Side Flats area that is NOT on the Birmingham Bridge, but he doesnít remember where they are and both of us have yet to find them. Does anyone here know of these signs and if so can you point me in the direction of them?

I think there may be a button copy or two in the Wheeling area (barely makes your 50 mile limit). Not sure about the status of it now, as Ohio have been rapidly replacing a lot of its button copy signage the past few years.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
I don't know where in Pittsburgh the OP lives, but just drawing a 50 mile radius from the "golden triangle" covers Oh 7 & Oh 11 from Bridgeport/Wheeling to Youngstown. One will find button copy along there.

There are button copy signs left just off the Natrona Heights exit on 28 (signs for Kittanning and Pittsburgh) and just off the Millerstown exit on 28 (same signs). Most of the signs here were upgraded during the 28 paving project a few years ago, but these ones were not.

If youíre willing to expand some, there are still a few button copy signs on US 50 WB approaching I-79 in Clarksburg WV (as of late August)


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