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J N Winkler:
The larger context here is that manual toll collection on ticket toll roads has historically been about 30% of revenue collected.  This leaves a lot of room for high initial costs of electronic toll collection infrastructure as well as leakage at various points in a toll-by-plate collection process.  Nor does every error necessarily cost the turnpike agency.  As already noted in this thread, and as I have learned from personal experience on the Kansas Turnpike, there are many scenarios where process failures (involving either transponders or cameras) result in a too-high toll being charged that then becomes the payer's responsibility to contest.

This said, I think that for an agency with a mature process for transponder collection (i.e., no antipatterns such as using toll gantries for backdoor speed enforcement), the best results usually come from using a transponder with a single vehicle (not a combination) that is owned rather than rented.  I've used pay-by-plate in situations where the alternative would have been massively inconvenient (e.g., the Golden Gate Bridge), but I always breathe a sigh of relief when the transaction goes through correctly.


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It also doesn't help that several people around here have 'altered' plates.  I've seen plates where have the reflective coating is gone on just the numbers, all gone, sanded numbers, plates pealing to the bare medal, you name it!  Honestly, they should add checking license plates condition to the inspection process.  Make those people fail inspection till they get a replacement plate from the state, as some of it is obvious intentional damage to it.

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It's clear some are defacing their plates or placing dark covers over them (the latter is definitely illegal - they must find inspection mechanics that turn a blind eye or they remove them once a year).  However, the PA plates have been peeling themselves without doing anything (seems it is a bigger issue with plates within the last 10 years).  I had one where the film was delaminating, which created dark spots.  I agree about the inspection, as a mechanic can complete a form for a free replacement standard plate.  Unfortunately, those with vanity or specialty plates have to pay the full fee for a new one, which is absurd.
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Well, I know we've never had any issues with our plates.  Ours have stayed pretty much in mint condition (with no plate cover).  Maybe we've been lucky, who knows.

But if the reflective part is missing from only the numbers on the plate, hands down, that's 100% intentional, and that person should be forced to pay for a new plate, even if it's a standard one.

I haven't had any issue using ticket toll roads with E-ZPass for close to 20 years now. The transponder tech is solid and works. For those wondering, LPR tech has gotten REALLY good. I'm amazed at how well it reads terrible plates with peeling/bubbling reflective coatings and dirt or other obstructions (including plate covers). Things like double reads are accounted for and the ETC lanes have other sensors to work with as well to determine what is a "vehicle". LPR still can't really distinguish the state that issued a plate though, so manual verification is needed for this.

There is now a construction page for the fiber optics the Turnpike is laying, and the installation photos do show the previously referenced poles.  The project has the cable going all the way to Harrisburg East (I-283).

Crown Victoria:
The Southern Beltway (PA Turnpike 576) section between US 22 and I-79 is opening today, albeit with partial access at I-79 due to incomplete ramps which will be finished by next summer.

*Also posted in the Southern Beltway-PA Turnpike 576 thread on the Ohio Valley board.


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