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Looks like the plans for the MP 126-131 construction have been posted as part of a "constructability review".  I see a few curve removals in there (likely where the drainage boxes are sitting in the grass off the EB side of the road going down the hill).

Crown Victoria:
Some updates on construction projects found while perusing the Turnpike's new website:

-Reconstruction from MP 28-31, MP 102-109, and MP 324-326 is underway, with completion in 2022, 2024, and 2025 respectively.
-The reconstruction of the Northeast Extension from MP A38-A44 is out for bids.
-Reconstruction from approx. MP 126-131 will go to bid next year. This project will eliminate the steps at New Baltimore.
-Looking at the updated Total Reconstruction Initiative table, final design will be complete next year for MP 312-316 and from MP 351-355 (two projects, separated by the Neshaminy toll barrier), presumably with those projects going to bid shortly thereafter.
-The Northeast Extension from Quakertown to Lehigh Valley will see bridge replacements over the next several years, including the I-78 bridge. Reconstruction starts around the mid-2020's.
-The earliest Pittsburgh area project on the mainline Turnpike (besides what's already under construction) appears to be MP 62-66, which will complete design in 2026.
-There's not much yet on the Turnpike website for the upcoming SR 130 interchange.
-The Allegheny Mountain Tunnel project and the completion of the I-95 interchange aren't happening anytime soon.
-The Mon-Fayette Expressway should see construction start next year.

As always, things are subject to change...

So, it appears that the PA 441 bridge over the turnpike is being dropped this weekend.  With such a short gap in 6 lane sections at this bridge, does anyone know if the project will widen this small section.

Looks like Scranton bypass design work is resuming.  There is one mistake in the article though: the speed limit on I-81 is 55 MPH for most of the bypassed roadway.

PennDOT - District 6 News: U.S. 422, North Gulph Road Traffic Stoppages Wednesday for PA Turnpike Construction in Chester, Montgomery Counties


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