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North Spokane Corridor - US 395 in Spokane, WA

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WSDOT has a page dedicated to the project:

They are slowly working their way south.   

I could see an I-x90 spur into Spokane, once the whole thing is completed. It would probably function the same as I-580 from Reno to Carson City, which also shares pavement with US 395.

The big question is what designations will move to where?

I'd prefer to see US 395 on the new NSC (possibly co-signed as I-190) and US 2 remaining on Division Street/Newport Highway.


--- Quote from: ctroadgeek on May 24, 2009, 02:18:38 PM ---For those of you not in the know, WSDOT is creating a north-south freeway in Spokane to help alleviate traffic problems. They plan on shifting US 395 over to it from its current alignment. Some more information about the project can be found at

Being that the road is brand new, and will be presumably built to interstate standards, I thought it would be a great idea for it to get a 3di designation since it begins at I-90 going north. I-190 or I-390 would work. I emailed Larry Larson, the project engineer, and he didn't seem to get that all I cared about was the designation; it wouldn't be hard to install the signage for an interstate route. Anyway here's an excerpt from my correspondence with him in December 2007.

--- Quote ---In the case of the North Spokane Corridor (NSC) it has no "parent"
highway.  It is designated US-395 and it begins in the Los Angeles area
and traverses through the east side of California, Oregon and
Washington, finally terminating at the Canadian border.  While the NSC
will be built to Interstate Standards in Spokane, the bulk of it from
beginning to end is not.

I hope this answers your question, if not please write back.  In the
meantime, here is a link to further information.
--- End quote ---

It's a little annoying when you get talked down to about the difference between 2di, 3di and all that when you are keenly aware! He didn't seem to get that I was just referring to the freeway section of the NSC, and since it starts at I-90, it does too have a @#$#@ parent highway!

Has anybody else had any frustrating dealings with DOT people in regards to a simple question? I just had wanted to know if they could designate that 10 mile freeway as a 3di, that's all.

--- End quote ---

I have thought as well that between I-90 and the US 2 split should be I-190. Along with that, I had an idea for an I-390 connector in Moses Lake, WA .....

Interstate 69 Fan:
Here's how the routes will be planned out
US 395 will occupy the entire corridor.
US 395 between US 2 and Future US 395 will become Division Street.
No interstate designation is planned for the route, however, one of WADOT's North Spokane Corridor videos on YouTube (I think) referred to the route as I-390.

I don't think an interstate designation will be applied, however.


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