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North Spokane Corridor - US 395 in Spokane, WA

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--- Quote from: Bruce on December 06, 2023, 08:56:43 PM ---I still question the utility of the NSC at full buildout, since it's so far east that it doesn't really serve any normal commuters. It'll be handy for taking freight off Division (which needs a diet ASAP, it's a death trap), but beyond that the freeway isn't really going to be the panacea it is touted to be. Spokane's traffic problems are a joke, with or without the NSC.

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The NSC is far enough east that it affects a relatively low amount of residential neighborhoods; other than at the interchange with I-90, no houses had to be torn down, which is pretty impressive for an urban freeway. It's a good thing that the old railyard just happened to be there for them to route the freeway through.


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