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Omaha terminus of historic US 38

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In Omaha, we know that the short-lived US 38 went north on 36th Street, junctioning US 30 at Farnham Street.  But I would be surprised if it actually ended there.  More likely it continued east on Farnham, perhaps ending at the courthouse on 18th.  Anyone have a map detailed enough to confirm?  Or maybe an historic photo taken along Farnham and showing highway signs?

It doesn't really make sense for it to have ended at Farnham in terms of the whole system, but the front of the Blackstone Hotel would have been a very desirable spot to end a highway among local leaders at the time. You may be able to find some old photos of the Blackstone that show the hotel from that intersection, as it's the most flattering view of the building.
Just an idea.

Finally found photographic proof that US 38 did not end on 36th St. 
Rather, it was dual-signed with US 30 to at least 18th and Douglas (where I suspect, but cannot prove, that it terminated).
Full article has historic photos and maps.

Considering that neither Colorado nor Nebraska have a state highway numbered 38, US 38 should be resurrected. It can be done this way: From the corner of 9th and O Streets in Lincoln, US 38 can go westward on US 6 and US 34 to west of Fort Morgan, CO. Westward from there, US 38 can piggyback onto I-76 and I-70 to Exit 232, then take over current US 40 all the way to I-80 at Park City (UT).

Now, there may have to be some changes. For example, US 34 would have to end at Grand Island, leaving the standalone section of US 34 between I-76 Exit 66 and Granby to be SH 34. Also, US 6 would have to piggybacked onto I-80, I-76, and I-70 between Council Bluffs and Loveland Pass (CO). Not to mention, UDOT would have to renumber SR 38 north of Brigham City. But still, this renumbered US 38 would be an excellent fit to the grid between I-80 and I-70.

The Ghostbuster:
US 38 was decommissioned in 1931, but US 138 still exists to this day. Go figure!


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