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What was this intended to be? (at the border of Alexandria and Arlington)


--- Quote from: froggie on February 15, 2009, 05:00:02 PM ---Formerly rail bridges across 4 Mile Run.  The commercial area you see south of the creek and east of US 1 was built on what was originally a huge railway yard.  The area is called "Potomac Yards".

I do some of my shopping there.  It's the closest Best Buy and Barnes & Noble to me, and the second-closest Target.

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Since I'm a railfan as well as a road geek, I know that while "Potomac Yards" may have been the official name of the location.  However, railfans and railroad employees alike generally referred to it as "Pot Yard".

(I think that name was made before Pot became a synonym for a certain plant people smoke.

I am about 95% sure that this is the case but isn't there now a ramp from VA 168 North to VA 190(Kempsville Rd)?  I believe that it is Exit 12 if it exists.

Yes there is. I was just down there recently and they were wrapping up some construction on Kempsville, which was the first time I looked and noticed that ramp. It's from 168 North to Kempsville East only though.
And it's already on google earth too btw.


--- Quote from: froggie on February 21, 2009, 12:29:59 AM ---BTW, that ramp has been there for several years.

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Yeah I remember seeing it going to Nags Head about 3.75 years ago.  I just knew it was there but every website that has something on the Chesapeake Expressway(VA 168) still says that there is no connection there.


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