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--- Quote from: hbelkins on August 31, 2023, 11:32:11 AM ---Wide forested median = prime deer habitat for them to run out in front of your vehicle as you're doing 70 mph.

Cut every tree in the median and either put up a concrete barrier wall or keep it mowed to "front lawn in a homeowners' association-controlled subdivision" levels.

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Dear EPA,



--- Quote from: 1995hoo on September 07, 2023, 08:29:06 AM ---

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I am glad that the police have apprehended a dangerous driver.

But I'm upset that what has caused a lot of the backups is the change in operations that occurred a few years ago.  This being the tolling restriction of the NB 395 express lanes between the Pentagon and DC.  For much of the HOV era for these reversible lanes, the part between Pentagon and DC was open to all traffic at all times.  It is one thing to expand the HOV restriction that existed on the express lanes to be for HOV/toll, but when they converted a previously free and open section of highway that was always free, they basically created a far bigger jam for the rest of 395.

Obviously, I would recommend allowing free travel on this portion.  It seems that there is a toll charge for it even when the reversible lanes are only open in the SB direction.  [This necesssarily means that nobody from the reversible stretch is even possibly on the roadway, only traffic from Eads or 395 main lanes that pay the toll.  I know that part of the justification for tolling this stretch was to make sure that the toll lanes on the reversible portion run smoothly, but why is there a toll when the reversible lanes are not even running northbound at all?  THere are basically two empty lanes running into the city that are hard to access and are tied with a toll, simply there to charge a toll.]

Due to the politics of it, of course, my suggestion won't happen.  Less money for the toll operator.  But maybe they can put a sign on VA-110 approaching the ramp to 395 with time estimates to DC by taking the main road or by taking the express lanes.  There, people who want to avoid the jam can make the sensible choice of accessing the express lanes by taking the Eads street ramp.  Also, put up better signage once VA-110 traffic makes the exit to 395 that there is an easy access to the express lanes there.

At this point here (replacing the Pentagon City exit sign):,-77.0522138,3a,75y,283.8h,78.93t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNdviDWWOP6qqoKhgVdto_Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

Something like:

Army Navy Dr                                                       395 north
Pentagon City                                                    Washington
TO 395 Express Lanes
^                                                                                  /
|                                                                                  /
|                                                                                 /

All I can say is that they have created a terrible situation.  The number of drivers who make this dangerous manouever should be a cause to rethink the whole policy.  Isn't it wasterful to have a police officer stationed there to apprehend drivers in a situation that seems unfortunatley common, but was non-existent prior to the advent of the toll lanes?  And the reason why the  manouver did not occur before 2019, is because the traffic on this stretch had been allowed to use all of the lanes of the bridge at all times for free without restrictions since the bus-only restrictions ended in the 1970s.  This meant that the traffic on all lanes was about the same and there was no benefit in trying to sneak into the "express lanes."   (traffic evened out)  As non-HOV traffic from Eads or the left side of 395 headed for the "Rochambau" lanes, there was more room for traffic from 110, GW Pkwy and local entrances to use the "Arland Williams" lanes.  Granted, the Rochambau lanes were usually emptier, but not nearly as much of a difference as there is now due to the tolling.


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--- Quote from: bluecountry on August 13, 2023, 02:31:23 PM ---I-64 expansion, drove it for the first time in years from I-295 to the HR beltway.
I am mixed, while there did need to be an expansion, I really liked the landscaped tree median before, and unfortunately it has been lost.
While the capacity is increased, I wish they could have kept that median, because now the vision is not as good which I cannot help but think reduces the improvement.

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Unfortunately, they are not going to acquire more right of way in order to retain the forested median. I do agree though, it was nice to have.

It will likely all be gone soon… the 29 mile gap will be fully widened to 6 lanes by 2030 as three major projects begin to ramp up over the next year or so.

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Yea and I mean while obviously there is more physical capacity from 2 to 3 lanes, I feel like the improvement is somewhat limited and cancelled out by the forested median being removed as that tree buffer did block the opposite side traffic from interfering.

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It is not limited nor cancelled out by that… again while nice to have, I much more enjoy traveling at 78-80 mph on the 6 lane portion near Williamsburg vs. the stop-and-go 30-60 mph slog with the forested median. Traffic will move much smoother and conditions will be safer overall.

The tree median being removed is a slight downside but it is not on the magnitude of “cancelling out”  the improvements being built by the widening.

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I think if one was traveling at midnight, it would be easier if it was 2 lanes with trees.

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Overnight sure… but during the day, three lanes is a significant improvement.

Also, the median width being 50 ft or greater in many areas even with 6 lanes, it’s not as bad even with oncoming lights. They’re further away.

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After driving last Sunday from NOVA to VAB I agree, I did that from Centreville in 3 hours!
Never would have happened before.
Still one does miss how pretty the median is from 206 to 234.

Also, when one goes from 95SB to 295 to 64 and sees 95 SB is 3 lanes, 295 4, and most of 64 3, it screams WTF is 95 NOT 4 lanes!!!
IMO 95 should be four lanes from 295 to exit 126, then the c/d should extend to 126 from 130.
This should be VDOTs top priority and yet I never see anything.

The southbound lanes of US 29 in Ruckersville are apparently underwater, due to the flooding and storm that is currently still happening as I’m posting this.


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