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Changing location displayed on profile

Started by andarcondadont, April 25, 2021, 02:14:28 PM

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Hi, I've been reading posts on this forum for almost 2 years and my profile certainly isn't that new. However, until now, I have rarely used my account to view posts, and I notice that my location isn't as specific as I would like. I've dabbled around the profile settings and unless if I missed a button, I don't see how I can change my location. Can anyone help?

Computer Science and GIS student at the University of Minnesota.


I feel dumb. I figured it out. I don't think I can delete this thread so if someone else could do it for me, appreciate it. Wish I would've found out sooner. Sorry.

Computer Science and GIS student at the University of Minnesota.



It's easier to show than to explain:

Hope that helps.

ETA: I see you've figured it out.
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