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Fictional Municipality/County Changes

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The Nature Boy:
A couple for Virginia:

1. Loudoun County would do well by splitting in two. The DC exurbs are culturally different from the more rural western half of the county. I would use US 15 as the dividing line. Western Loudoun County would assume the name "Blue Ridge County" in honor of the mountain range that runs through its western side. The county seat for BRC is in Purcellville.

2. I would incorporate Arlington as an independent city. Most locals think of it as a city anyway.

A few for Michigan:
Consolidate Lansing, East Lansing, and Lansing Township into one city, taking the name Lansing. The township is just several pieces of land. I would also add the unincorporated census designated places of Holt, Haslett, and Okemos to the city, as well as add the Eaton County CDP of Waverly to the larger city. Police services in Lansing Township are inefficient due to the piecemeal nature of this city, and would benefit from consolidation with the City of Lansing, and the city proper would also benefit from the money spent by students going to MSU if East Lansing was consolidated into the larger Lansing.
Consolidate the Grosse Pointe region, Redford Township, and the cities of River Rouge and Ecourse into the City of Detroit. A majority of Redford Township has been annexed by the city of Detroit anyway, and the wealthier residents of the Grosse Pointe region would add some more money to the city of Detroit. As for the cities of River Rouge and Ecorse: Ecorse fell into a financial emergency in 2008, and both cities because of their small size have a hard time providing some services.
Consolidate Kentwood, Grandville, Wyoming, Grand Rapids Township, East Grand Rapids, and the unincorporated CDPs of Cutlerville, Byron Center, Forest Hills, Northview, and Comstock Park into the city of Grand Rapids. The West Michigan region is growing, and the city will need more housing in the future as the city grows.


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