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Fictional Municipality/County Changes

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Agree on the California changes. At least split them along the NWS county warning area boundaries, in order to make easier for me to find them. Pinal County, Arizona and Cayuga County, New York would also need to be split so that my 122 state plan can happen :evilgrin:.

Here is my plan to merge all of the counties in Oklahoma with a population of under 10,000. This results in 58 counties, down from the current 77. I think this is needed.

For deciding which county goes where, the main consideration was where the people in that county are probably doing their business now. For names, I just picked the one I like the best (although Greer won out over Kiowa and Harmon because historically much of that region was part of Greer County). The vast majority of changes are in the western half of the state; the only ones in the east are folding Coal into Atoka, Latimer into Pittsburg (and keeping Latimer as the name because we don't need a misspelled reference to Pittsburgh PA as a county name), and Nowata into Washington.

Divide King County, WA, into three sections:  Seattle, East, and South.  Shoreline can either go with Seattle or go to Snohomish County.  Skykomish and the US 2 corridor around it also goes to Snohomish County, since it's not road-accessible from within King County.

Also, Camano Island moves from Island County to Snohomish County, because all access there except by private boat is from Snohomish County.

Finally, Jefferson County gets split along the crest of the Olympic Mountains, since there's absolutely no way except hiking trails to get from one part to the other.  The west (and much less-populous) section of the county can pick whether to join Clallam County (to the north) or Mason County (to the south).

Consolidated some small counties in Washington, purely for aesthetics:

Wahkiakum - Absorbed into Pacific County
Island - Split between Jefferson (Whidbey) and Snohomish (Camano) counties
Jefferson - Western portion absorbed into Grays Harbor County
Skamania - Split between Cowlitz and Clark counties
Columbia - Absorbed into Garfield County
Ferry - Absorbed into Okanogan County (might split to give the Colville Reservation its own county-equivalent entity)
Stevens - Absorbed into Pend Oreille County

I'll come up with a more serious proposal later, once I have time to give some new counties some proper names. For starters, all counties named for slaveholders would have to be renamed.

US 89:
Could swear I had posted this on here somewhere, but I guess not. This is my grand plan for Utah, which results in 39 counties - up from the current 29:

A lot of the changes on here are to adjust county lines to explicitly follow watershed drainage divides. Many of the existing northern Utah county lines do this already, but a lot of others across the state are kind of assumed to be along those divides but aren't. Most of the other changes are generally to split up extremely large counties into more manageable sizes, especially if there's population centers far from each other in them, and to bring back several counties that used to exist but were abolished by the Utah territorial legislature back in 1862. Also trying to minimize instances where parts of counties aren't accessible by road without dipping into other counties.


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