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2023 Road Trip Plans

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Yes, it's old. But that charging issue has been around for a long time.


--- Quote from: clong on December 07, 2022, 01:46:30 PM ---Planning a family trip for next summer
Birmingham to Seattle (I-65 to Chicago, I-90/94 primarily to Seattle)
South on I-5 to Portland to begin our way back via I-80/84 to at least Illinois, still figuring out the exact route home from there to maximize roads and/or counties)

--- End quote ---
Shortened the route and turned around in Southern Idaho opting for a separate WA/OR/Northern ID/Western MT trip in the future, but did most of what we planned in late June/early July.

Today I’m going on a surprise redo of my December 10, 2022 trip to Waynesboro. Harrisonburg is also a possible extension.

The next, and probably last one for 2023 is going to be another glass run to Polk County.


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